We use the most advanced AI and computer vision technology to remove checkout lines.  Our Easyout™
solution opens new paths to delight shoppers and ensures a superior shopping experience. Simply walk into a store, select the items you want, and walk out without stopping at the checkout.

Walk in

Shoppers simply walk into the store, while Trigo’s system tags them anonymously and follows their movements and product choices.


Shoppers simply pick items the way they usually do, with no scanning needed. The system automatically detects when an item is picked and identifies it.

Checking out by walking out

The system automatically compiles all items into a virtual shopping list, enabling shoppers to leave the store without stopping at the checkout. Shoppers pay seamlessly and get a digital receipt.


The System 

The Trigo vision-based retail operating system is powered by four building blocks to address retail fundamentals: anonymous tracking of shoppers, detection of shoppers’ interactions with products, product classification, and automatic data annotation. 


The structured data is processed to generate a virtual receipt. 


Data is forwarded to generate a 3D model of the store from ½ billion images per day.


Automatically collect data on everything that takes place in the store.