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Trigo’s technology is solving some of the most pressing challenges for the global grocery retail industry, while giving grocers the ability to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities in combining the physical store with a frictionless digital experience. We look forward to Trigo bringing this technology to more and larger stores powered by the Google Cloud Platform.
Paul Tepfenhart Director of Global Retail Solutions
At NVIDIA, we see a lot of retailers interested in autonomous shopping. Trigo’s cashier-less checkout delivers an instant response using NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform, enabling retailers to provide customers with a better and faster shopping experience.
Azita Martin VP & GM, AI for Retail and CPG
HPE is excited to partner with Trigo in realizing our vision of delivering frictionless shopping in store. HPE’s purpose built Edgeline 8000 Family products delivers enterprise grade performance required for complex AI Models for real time inferencing and model optimization. Edgeline Systems are delivered in a ruggedized form factor and can operate in harsh conditions (temperature, shock, vibration noise) thereby helping retailers optimize costly floor space in retail stores.
Mark Armstrong VP EMEA for HPC & AI Business

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Global system integrators and large management consulting firms, we invite you to work with us to facilitate and execute EasyOut™ integration and transform retail grocery. Implement your operating models and work with your clients with a modular StoreOS™ platform.


Work with the market leading StoreOS™ bundle to accelerate the business transformation of your clients and deliver high-value results using our best-in-class technology. Deepen your relationship with existing customers and win new clients.


Work closely with our world-class experts to explore groundbreaking product opportunities and deliver exceptional customer experience and engagement for both B2B and consumer products based on our core technology.

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