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We enable brick-and-mortar grocery retailers to integrate the efficiencies and insights of digital commerce into the physical world. Starting from checkout-free technology all the way through user-journey analysis and other product- and brand-related insights, it's the reason that world's leading grocery retailers are implementing our solutions.
With Trigo retailers can achieve new levels of operational excellence and customer engagement. This is the reason why the world’s leading grocery retailers chose Trigo to implement their frictionless checkout solution. 
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Why Trigo

A technology-first approach to the future of retail

Minimal adjustments

Designed to convert existing supermarkets into high-tech-powered stores, and can analyse the entire product range, basket contents, and shopper decisions

Retail-ready solution

Powered by unique proprietary neural networks designed to detect thousands of items and user journeys, anywhere in the supermarket space.

Battle-tested accuracy

Built for extremely high accuracy in crowded environments, enabling a natural shopping experience and generating gold-standard shopper product interaction data. 

Privacy by design

Our core technology is fashioned to provide 100% secure shopping experience, protect shoppers’ privacy and compliant with the latest data protection regulations

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Global presence

We're a growing team of exceptional professionals 

Utilizing the technical expertise of our team of pioneers, we have set out to redefine retailing and the shopping experience. 
Our offices are spread across Israel, the US, Germany, the UK, Sweden, and the Netherlands. We use our skills and passion to create a tech-powered shopping experience that shoppers love. 


Tel Aviv, HQ






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